3 frat boys become pregnant girls in DELIVER US: THE IMPREGNATION

In Deliver Us: The Impregnation, three smug frat boys learn that sometimes payback is a mother. After years of mistreating girls, the boys find themselves kidnapped and subjected to a bizarre medical experiment that transforms them into pregnant women. Now held captive in an abandoned hospital, the feminized frat brothers are forced to become mommies, helplessly enduring the long months as their bellies grow round and swollen with new life.

This kinky horror picture is actually another movie re-cut from transgender transformation eBook author Mindi Flyth. Visit mindiflyth.blogspot.com to read more of Mindi’s twisted imaginings and see her most recent re-cut, Mommyfied: The Pregnancy Plague.

This original work of parody features footage from the films Black Cadillac, The Victim and Life Zone. No ownership or copyright claims to the original footage is intended or implied.


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