A Tale of Kidnapping and Surgical Forced Feminization

The group abducted you for some undisclosed reason and performed major surgery on you.”

“The modifications as we understand them are the following.”

“Most of your stomach muscles have been removed and the ones remaining are very week and will not be capable of holding your internal organs in place.”

“Two of your ribs on each side have been removed which will further change the way your body looks and functions.”

“Your abdominal organs have been modified to reduce them in size and now they take up much less space than before the surgery and you will have to eat very small meals the rest of your life.”

“Because of the stomach muscle removal, organ modifications and rib removal, you will now have to wear a corset to keep everything in proper place and to be able to stand without internal pain. This is a permanent condition, you will need a very severe corset to function.”

“Your body hair has been permanently removed and you have no hair except on the top of you head, thin eyebrows and eyelashes. Your body is hairless and all hair follicles have been destroyed, except in the places I mentioned.”

“Your Achilles tendons has been shortened, which will require you to walk in shoes that have high-heals.”

“Your lips have been modified to be much fuller and according to the MAFS documents, your nerve endings in your lips have been modified to be extremely sensitive. Your face has had some cosmetic surgery, your features have been modified to look more feminine and your Adam’s apple has been reduced in size.”

“Your breasts have also been modified to be larger. You are currently a “B” cup and will continue to grow to between a “C” cup and a “D” cup based on your family tendency in breast size. “Your genitals have had extensive modification. The only part of your penis remaining is the glans or head of your penis. It is now more of a large clitoris than a penis. The remaining section of penis is fully functional and you will still use the stump to urinate and ejaculate. You can get erect according to the documents, but with such a short penis, you will not be able to penetrate a vagina any longer.”

“Your vocal cords has been tightened to produce a higher pitched voice.”
And that’s just part of the changes!


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