Body Swap (m2f). Episode 11: Teenage Fan/Boy Into Woman. Escape to Mexico!

In the long awaited followup to Episode 10 of the virtual reality body swap series, James has been returned to his original body while Karin has been swapped with Suburban Skits’ teenage fan, Max. Max is a 16 year old German boy who loves our channel and wrote Karin via virtual reality requesting to be put in her body because he wants to feel like what it’s like to be an adult woman.

James and Max (in Karin’s body) then go on the run, taking an airplane to Cancun, Mexico. They must get away from the villains and El Chapo who are seeking the virtual reality goggles for their own diabolical plans. El Chapo can no longer escape prison by digging a tunnel but if he can get his hands on the goggles he can escape American prison by swapping with someone from the outside.

James has made a deal with El Chapo’s competitors and is to travel to Mexico and await further instructions via mail to their hotel room.

While at the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun, Max gets himself in all kinds of trouble discovering what it’s like to be an adult woman. Included in his exploration, he drinks and buys video games on Karin’s black credit card. He sees what it’s like to get free drinks from men. He no longer has to worry about school, pimples or other teenager issues. Max even takes it so far as to use Karin’s credit card to buy a Porsche 911 Turbo S and drive around all night picking people up and going for joy rides. Along the way he buys some jewelry to spoil Karin.

James is worried Max is taking things too far and will draw unwanted attention so he goes about suggesting (in a hot tub that Max pees in!) that they take in some of the local tourist sites as a distraction. In the process they end up in hot water with the natives, have to be rescued from a sinkhole and see the Mexican pyramid Chichen Itza.

In the end James is relieved to find the letter he has been waiting for that will instruct him on how to get Karin back and end the body swap once and for all, only to have Max rip it up, because he has decided to stay in Karin’s body!

Written, Directed, Edited and Produced by James Hergott.

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Category: Short Movie

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