Cursed ring transforms into a Woman [TGTF ANIME COMIC]

#GenderBender #TGTransformation #TSF

STORY: As he was walking at night, a gold ring fell off. He put the ring on and, to his surprise, his body became a woman in no time at all. This ring was a cursed ring that forced him to change his Gender. He immediately asks his friend for help, but…

If my English is good, I’d love to make a video introducing TG Manga…

Hi! Welcome to “TG animation studio” Channel !!
This channel uploads man to female(M2F) comics. All original comics I created!
I have no plans to upload it to any other site.
Please watch and subscribe to the channel ^^



[Gender Bender][Gender Transformation][TSF][TS][女体化][性転換][Gender Change]
I LOVE “TG” !!!!

Category: Animation

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