Disney Characters Genders Reversed – Part 3

Ever wonder what the Disney princesses would look like with a little gender switch-a-roo? These pictures give a pretty accurate representation of what it would be like if the Disney princesses were to have their roles reversed and become men.

Next to Mickey Mouse, the Disney princesses are arguably the most popular thing to come out of the Disney brand. While the role of prince charming is big in the Disney franchise as well, it would be more compelling to see the Disney princesses re-imagined.

The Disney prince-esses in these photos are still a far cry from the manly stereotype of the prince charming and evil villain characters in Disney movies and still possess many feminine traits. Megara especially still looks quite like his scowling female counterpart while Ariel looks like he’s sitting at the prepubescent stage. Female qualities aside, these photos do provide a cool look at then other side of the Disney princess coin.

For more amazing artwork from TT Bret, here is the link:

Category: Animation

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