Freaky Friday Gone Wrong (Parody)

You guys are probably bored of just watching skits like these so this is probably the last one I’ll post for a while. This was just another fun, little video for our Film, TV, and Video class, nothing too serious, just having a little fun. I am going to start making actual lifestyle content so look forward to that.

This video was directed by Cassie and Xavier (who both also acted in the video). It was edited by our lovely gal, Cassie. The actors/actresses in this short video are Tyrone, Seth, Cassie, Xavier, and Jennifer (aka me).

If you want to follow us on Instagram and stay updated with our life here are our usernames:
Tyrone: @tee_cavins
Xavier: @xavier_reivax_2
Cassie: @_cashews
Jennifer (me): @essajenny
Seth: (idk his social media because I just met him)

Much love!

Category: Body Swap

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