Genderella Prom Book Trailer by Courtney Captisa



Logan Centopili has made a huge mistake. The popular baseball player was supposed to go with all of his friends to prom, but feels discouraged ever since his girlfriend, Caitlyn, dumped him a few weeks ago. What guy wants to go to prom without a date? He declined offers to go with the group, but while sitting in his bedroom on prom night admits that he regrets it.

Luckily, someone is looking after him as a mysterious figure named Sasha appears before him giving him an option that will allow him to attend the prom. The catch is that he has to go as a GIRL!!! The heels help transform Logan into pretty cheerleader Brittani, the girl he would be if he were born that way originally. SHE has until 3 am to get back to her room and take off the heels unless she wants to be stuck as a girl forever.

Seeing no other options, Brittani tries to fit in with her friend group while wearing a dress. Though who knew using the bathroom in a huge ballgown would be so difficult? Why is she dating this guy named Daniel who wasn’t part of her friend group? What is she going to do in order to attend after prom? Why does this bitch Sasha keep talking him into staying a girl?

Word Count: 22,000 +

Themes: Cheerleader, Hair or Hair Salon, Hormones, Prom Girl or Fancy Dance, Very High Heels, Magical Transformations, Sweet/Sentimental.

Warning: For fans of gender transformation 18+ only. No sexual scenes in this story, but references to adult content and detailed transformation/anatomy scenes.

All footage used was found via Creative Commons. Used for artistic purposes. No copyright infringement implied.


Category: Movie Trailer

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