An exploration of gender bending movies (mtf side) with selected clips from famous and less famous gender bending movies around the world (oh yeah, and 1 TV series….). The clips are from :
Goodbye Charlie (USA, 1964)
Rendez-moi ma Peau (France, 1980)
Cleo Leo (USA, 1989)
Switch (USA, 1991)
Memory Run (USA, 1995)
Dating the Enemy (Australia, 1996)
Pon un Hombre en tu Vida (Spain, 1996)
Dame tu Cuerpo (Mexico, 2003)
Si j’étais elle (France, 2004)
Se Eu Fosse Você (Brazil, 2006)
It’s a Boy Girl Thing (USA, 2006)
Lyubiv, Markov (Russia, 2007)
Boy Meets Girl (UK, 2009)

GenderSwap Movies

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