He Was Impregnated by Aliens – A transgender transformation film edit by Mindi Flyth

Yeah, so, Youtube blocked this movie. But you can still find it on my website at mindiflyth.blogspot.com or it’s on Vidme at https://vid.me/gTHm.

Mindi Flyth’s epic new film edit follows Bruno Martin, an average man who is abducted by sinister aliens, transformed into a woman and impregnated. Now Bruno is back on Earth and struggling to cope with his new life. He craves weird foods, he’s irresistibly attracted to men, and worst of all… he’s actually starting to like being a mommy.

If you enjoy this film, visit Mindi Flyth’s website at mindiflyth.blogspot.com to see more of her short films and read her kinky eBook novels and short stories.

This film is not safe for work, with some nudity and passionate sexual situations. In French with English subtitles.

This film is an original work of parody, created purely for entertainment purposes and with no ownership claims made to the original films.


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