Hello Everyone!

Hope you all are doing well during this difficult pandemic situation. I do not know which country you belong to and how things are out there but here in my country things are getting worse and worse day by day (I am from India by the way). Although I don’t want to go into much detail about this but just wish to say that I am going through some really bad financial phase and may even have to discontinue this website.

I have been running this beautiful website since 2012 (8 long years!) and this is the first time I am asking for your help to continue running this website. Unlike many other TG websites which come and go, I’ve always tried to keep it alive and up-to-date with new TG videos every now and then.

If you enjoy visiting this website, and wish to support me continue running it, and also making it completely ad free (I also hate those annoying pop-ups!), please help me by subscribing on patreon.


If this patreon thing works out well for me, I will not only make this website completely ad-free for lifetime, but will completely modify it with many new amazing improvements and a complete new theme. If I get enough support from you guys, I will also launch a new TG website which I have in my mind for a very long time now.

Thank you for reading this very long post and I will really grateful for all your help.

Have a healthy and joyous life.

Warm Regards,
Neha N.




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