Poor Nick Krupp is a lonely plus-size gentleman who hits the clubs every night looking for love. One day he buys a kit promising to transform him into a “perfect 10”. It works… but not quite the way he was expecting!

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This clip is a parody edit of a music video that really bothered me. The original was about a homely transgender guy who uses a device to become a hot girl, only for him to be humiliated in the end when he changes back while he’s out dancing. The whole thing struck me as kind of creepy and mean and anti-trans, so I decided to do a remake where a cisgender guy doesn’t set out to become a hot girl but ends up stuck as one anyhow. That’s a much happier ending, I’d say!

This clip was created for entertainment purposes only and no copyright or ownership claims are made to the original work.

HOW CHUBBY NICK BECAME A HOT CLUB CHICK – A Transgender Transformation Tale

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