I Added Female Pills To My Dads Food

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Hi! My name is Karen, and I have a big confession to make: I might have given pills to my dad to make him look more like a woman.
Well, in fact, I definitely did it. I know it’s messed up, but desperate times call for drastic measures. I don’t regret my decision, but I have stopped doing it. After all, my plan worked to perfection, and there was no need for him to take the pills any longer.
Let me tell you all about how my dad became very feminine for a long time! I was amazed the pills worked so well because he really did look like a masculine woman!
Well, let me start by saying that my mom is awesome, and my dad made the biggest mistake of his life by divorcing her. She is an amazing, intelligent, and sweet woman. But dad wanted to be with younger women! Imagine how annoyed I was at that. Dad gave up his family just to behave like a guy half his age.
I wish dad could be more mature.
Now, I have to admit my father isn’t a bad guy. He just makes terrible decisions and tends to decide things on whims. This makes him very impulsive, and he ends up messing up more often than not. He clearly loves me and has raised me well, but as a guy… he’d kind of messed up. He wasn’t nice at all during the divorce procedures, and so I sort of believed he had some punishment coming.
Still, I decided not to jump into action just yet. Maybe dad would come to his senses, and then he’d go back to mom. Instead, he got himself the craziest girlfriend in the world. She was mean, annoying, and entitled… but she was hot. That was all my dad saw in her, and she had him wrapped around her little finger.
It was so sad! Dad drooled whenever she was around. He was a middle-aged guy letting a girl barely ten years older than I make every decision for him.
I mean, if that was just affecting my dad, then maybe I wouldn’t have gotten involved…but it affected me as well!
You see, mom worked long hours. She couldn’t take care of me as often as she’d like to. So when mom and dad divorced, it was decided that I should go live with my dad instead. I was NOT happy!
I argued that I’d rather be with my mother, but they talked to me and let me know it was best for me to stay with dad. Mom promised me we’d still spend a lot of time together, and I’d go to her place often, but I’d be living most of the week at my father’s house.
I got incredibly upset. Mom explained that she worked such long hours, and she didn’t like the idea of having me be all on my own all that time. So it was better if, for the time being, I lived with dad full time.
Look, this sounds mean. I know dad loves me, and I love him. I like spending time with him, but I didn’t want to be around him all the time! He was very impulsive, as I said, and his girlfriend was such a mess!
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