I Changed From A Boy To A Girl

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Hi! My name is Jamelia, but that wasn’t always the case. A few years ago, I was a completely different person. My name was Jamel, and I used to be a boy. Now, I’m a woman, and I love myself. But back then… Well, let’s just say I was very confused, and didn’t quite know what I wanted to do with my life.
Let me start at the very beginning. I was born the only brother in a big family. I had four older siblings, all of them girls. I didn’t even get to really know my dad! He passed away when I was just 5-years-old. I don’t really remember much about him. So you can imagine I had lots of feminine influences in my life growing up.
My sisters all had names that began with J. Yes, my parents were those kinds of people. Don’t get me wrong, mom was awesome, but I thought it was so cheesy! So we were Jasmine, Janice, Jennifer, June and… Jamel. Believe me, kids mocked us all the time in the neighbourhood and at school. It was kind of silly, but mom thought it was so cute! Like all of us had something in common.
In case you are wondering… Yes, my mom’s name begins with a J, and so did dad’s. Judy and Jimmy. I groan just thinking how cheesy this all sounds!
Anyways, my life was a bit peculiar, if you want to know. Growing up with four older sisters was no walk in the park. Sure, they spoiled me rotten, but I was also basically their small doll. They put makeup on me, and little dresses! They thought it was so funny, and whenever they had slumber parties, I was basically the cute little entertainment.
I never had a father figure in my life, or any kind of masculine influence. Everything was girly stuff! What we ate, the games we played, what my sisters talked about, it was all girl-related! I ended up being stuck doing whatever my four older sisters wanted me to. Since I was the youngest, I didn’t really get a say. And if we ever had a vote to decide anything, you can guess that I was always outnumbered.
So I just began adapting to what they liked to do, in order to be able to have some fun at all! They would convince my mom to keep my hair longish so that they could comb it into pretty styles when we were at home. They would also test their makeup on me. When the older sister, Jasmine, went to beauty school, who do you think was her guinea pig?
Me, of course! She would have me sit there for hours! I’ll be perfectly honest with you… I kind of enjoyed it, actually. She was so delicate about it, and she’d talk to me and tell me all about her life. I felt she was so glamorous and cool!
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