Indigo (Hot Body Swap Short Story)

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“Indigo”, the story of two brothers, Nate and Luke who have special abilities. Nate, portrayed by Chris Harding, our central character, holds the power to freeze time in space. Luke, portrayed by Cooper Kennard, his older brother, holds the power of “The Death Stare”. Nate wishes to increase his power and broaden his capabilities by possessing the Indigo Orb, and there are 5. Nate finds that having the Indigo Orb in his possession only welcomes trouble. His brother, Luke, wishes to have no part in the super-hero business, or the vigilante lifestyle, in fact, he wishes he didn’t even have powers.

Other characters include, Naomi, played by Naomi Prentice, Nate’s girlfriend with the power to foresee into the future, Lila, portrayed by Taylor Schafer, will be the role of our antagonist. Lila’s power’s include Mind Control, body swapping, and drain powers and Tiffany, portrayed by Jasmine Miller, with the power of manipulation through touch, as Lila’s right hand man. There is also a nagging character with the power of invisibility, portrayed by Tanarius Hilliard.

Created by Hyperion | Productions at The University of Alabama in 2013 as part of Campus MovieFest, the world’s largest student film festival.

Indigo Cast & Crew :
Courtney Williams – Captain, Director, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer
Chris Harding – Talent
Gerald Jenkins – Producer
Tanarius Hilliard – Participant
Ashley A. Sledge – Writer, Producer
Ashley Ryann Wise – Participant
Kyerra Dexter – Participant
Taylor Schafer – Talent
Naomi Prentice – Talent
Jaison Davis – Participant
Courtney Huffstutler – Sound Mixer
Jasmine Teneil Miller – Participant
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