Jackpot 2006 Movie – M2F Transformation

Four salesmen led by their dynamic friend Raja (Dhyaan) try to make a living, selling toothpastes and shampoos, and spend their free time ogling at their kind-hearted neighbour Preethi (Shubha). Soon, the ogling becomes a competition between Raja and Ramesh (Harsha), who vie for the lady’s hand. They reach a compromise woo the girl for a week and leave the decision in her hand. Jealous of Raja overtaking him in each manoeuvre, Ramesh along with Kyata (Raju Anantswamy) hatches a plot to turn Raja into a girl, with the help of a tantrik (Sadhu Kokila, quite convincingly funny). Transformed into a stunningly beautiful girl (Antara Biswas) he flees from his friends and manages his way to stardom. Fate provides a chance for him to take revenge. How Raja succeeds in foiling Ramesh’s plans forms the rest of the story.

Category: Indian, Movie Scene

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