Junior G – Episode 24

Synopsis:-Episode -24
Junior G is checking all the things in the storeroom. He looks at the bundle of stickers in when he search the stickers, he is very surprised to know that how drugs have been mixed in the gum. Bobo as Renuka is coming towards storeroom when he feels that there’s someone in the room. He transforms himself as the school principal with his magic. Junior G’s is surprised to see school’s principal bringing the bundle of stickers. He writes a letter to Inspector Bhari Singh and mentions everything about the principal in it. Police arrests the principal. Bobo is very happy with this plan. In the hospital, many children are fighting for life & death when Gaurav comes to visit them. Prof. Bernando comes to know that with the mistake of Junior G, police has arrested the principal. He is hurt. He wants to tell the truth to Junior G that the Principal is innocent and that everything is being done by Fumancho & his lieutenant Bobo. Junior G gets the message of Bernando.

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