Kahani Chandrakanta Ki

Shapeshifting Scene at 16:38 Mins

Sangram Singh and Anand Singh are on the search for Inderjeet…..while searching him they come across to a tribal girl who is actually an Ayaar(Ahmed) who misguides them. They forget the path. On the other side Maharani Chandrakanta is worried for her son Inderjeet is tortured by Chandilal as she sees a nightmare at night…. Her nightmare turns in to reality when Tej Singh informs that both the prince have lost the path while hunting for man eater Cheetah. She is shattered and asks Maharaj Virendra singh that at any cost she wants her sons back hale and hearty. In Shivagarh Bhawani Singh refuses Chandilal’s proposal of taking him along to Maharaj Shivdutt’s court. Shrewd Krur Singh plans to hijack Yuvraj Inderjeet from Bhawani Singh…..


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