Magic Girdle MTF Transformation – Legend of the Lich Lord: Episode 6

Transformation at 4.50

“Lord of the Rings” shot like “the Office” with a heavy dose of “Holy Grail” Legend of the Lich Lord every day until Nov 3 (no weekends)

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The team battles the mummies who guard the treasure trove. Sasha and Holden celebrate their victory while Torvold discovers his loot is cursed. Nerrena threatens the Lich Lord, tilting the balance of power in her favor. Willard has an encounter with an Owlbear.

One Hit Die is a Lord of the Rings Shot like the Office series with a heavy dose of Holy Grail Humor.

Legend of the Lich Lord is the second season of this award winning Dungeons and Dragons meta mockumentary.


Writer Director – Spencer Estabrooks
Producer – Emily Renner Wallace Greg Jeffs
Starring –
Mikeala Cochrane
Phil Burke
Julie Orton
Andrew Long
North Darling
Joanna Gaskell

Orignal Score by Bruno Valenti

Comedy Styled like Gamers, Journey Quest Dead Gentlemen, Zombie Orphieous, Standard Action. If you like Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, and other Sword and Sorcery board games, you’ll like this. Hope you enjoy it!

Category: Short Movie

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