Makeup tutorial boy to girl for night party / Makeup ✔

how to tutorial makeup by Ray
Classic makeup tutorial boy to girl / Makeup ✔

Make up tutorial boy into girl (Dressed up)/ Makeup ✔

Makeup tutorial boy to girl for night party/ Makeup ✔

Girl to boy Transformation / Makeup ✔

Halloween gothic makeup tutorial / Makeup ✔

Halloween makeup boy to girl half skull / Makeup ✔–7Y

Bridal makeup tutorial / Makeup ✔

Bridal Makeup Tutorial / Makeup ✔

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My makeup products are below. But remember – you don’t need these exact products to recreate this look. Use what you have at home and experiment whichever way you want!

Lipstick : maybeline, revelon, Victoria’s Secret

Foundation : maybeline, revelon, Victoria’s Secret

Several books about sex :

Category: Crossdressing

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