One morning in Paris, Louis awakes to learn that during the night there have been big changes. REALLY big changes. Louis has become a pregnant woman, and he soon finds out his girlfriend Lisa, his girlfriend’s roommate Maggie and Maggie’s boyfriend Eddie are all pregnant too!

Transgender transformation eBook author Mindi Flyth has re-written and re-cut the French film La Miracle de la Vie to create a fun, sexy new sci-fi comedy about a mass outbreak of feminization and impregnation. Perhaps you should swallow a birth control pill before you watch… because this film just might make you pregnant!

NOTE: You can now see La Miracle de la Vie with English subtitles at – and the filmmakers have said they plan to respond to your questions here!

If you enjoy this parody, read more of Mindi Flyth’s kinky stories at

This film is intended as a work of parody and as such no claim of ownership is made to the original film.


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