Mugen: Demitri’s Midnight Bliss Showcase

Finally finished. Well, here’s all the Midnight Bliss animations I could dig up for this showcase (I know, I forgot Haruhi’s animations ;_; – I’ll showcase it in another video).

Stages: Some random stuff
BGM: None 😛

Note that some of the transformations we’re edited and added by me. Others had the animations but wern’t in Demitri’s coding, so I added them for the sake of this video.

Characters in order:

Tetsu by XCB (edited and added by me)
KFM by Elecbyte (edited and added by me)
Hotaru by Juke
Goenitz by Gonzo (thanks to Ampchu for sending me him)
Miyako by Juke
Rikard by Rikard
Kei by Rikard
Kamek by Kamek (added into coding)
Sailor Mercury by Sakuraka (added into coding)


DO NOT request the MB animations for Tetsu and KFM. Please, if you want them, I would prefer you’d make your own.

About Kamek’s transformation. I know it’s a bit glitchy, and I have an explination for that. Kamek’s MB animation I believe was only ment for either another Demitri, or only for Dooby Dummy 😛

Sailor Mercury DOES have MB animations, but she just doesn’t transform. She just gives Demitri the cold shoulder.

As for Akiha and Arcueid, no, they don’t have MB animations, although it IS a bit tempting to make one for them, but it would be a bit difficult.

Category: Animation, Asian

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