MV – Top 7 dramas of girls disguise as a boy

Note: Sorry in the mv it said 6 I totally forgot to edit 6 out and put 7.

I was watching Lee HyoRi “Going Crazy Mv” and it got me thinking and I decide to make this mv. I was thinking of using clips to do this mv but I couldn’t find all the clips to do this mv so I just use photos. I was going to do top 5 but I just couldn’t cross one off so this is my top 7 favor drama of girls disguise as boys. This list is not in any order.

1…Drama : Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011 “Maeda Atsuko” disguise as a boy to go to an all boy school to find her lover. In this remake I think Maeda Atsuko disguise as a boy better than “Horikita Maki” who plays in the original. Horikita Maki just come off as a girl with short hair girl and not as a boy when I watch her in the original. (This is just my opined)
2….Drama : Robot Yodruk aka (Robot Sweetheart) “Thikumporn Rittapinun (Cheer)” disguise as a boy in one scene of this drama where she follow the bad guys. She can totally pass as a boy when I saw her in that scene. When she dress up like that I thought she look kind of like a singer “Mike Pirath” who some of the people compare these two back when Cheer was younger and still have that short hair that she is Mike twin. lol
3….Drama : She’s the Man “Amanda Bynes” disguise as a boy to get into an all boy soccer team. She took her twin boy place at the school. Amanda was kool as a guy. I really didn’t think she can pull it off but with the short hair she can pass as a boy. And this movie was fun and good.
4….Drama : Khun Chai Taratorn “Pream Ranida” disguise as a boy in this daram. I didn’t watch it fully but saw some scene here and there. I think, she the first girls to dress up as a boy and to look like a boy and not a girl who have short hair.
5…..Drama : Coffee Prince “Yoon Eun Hye” disguise as a boy trying the help the leading actor in this drama to not let his grandma force him into getting marry. In this drama the leading actor mistake her for a boy and didn’t notice she was a girl with short hair.
6….Drama : Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu “Ella Chen” disguise as a boy to get into an all boy school to get close to the love of her life. This is a Twain version of “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e” base off Japan popular comic book before the Japan drama came out. I really got to said Ella was sure look like a boy in this role. Even my sister said they got the right actress to play the part because she looks like a real boy and not a girl. lol
7…..Drama : Just one of the guys 1985 “Joyce Hyser” disguise as a boy to go to a different school to win an internship at the local newspaper. This move was the best movie a girl disguise as a boy I watch. Joyce was handsome as a guy and pretty as a girl in here.



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