Not Your Cinderella TG

This is an adaption of the original story “Not Your Cinderella TG” by Escafa (formerly Spawnfan). Please also have a look on:

A boy gets visit from a fairy, who wants to help him out of his miserable situation, after he was treated like a girl. But the fairy got it all wrong. She uses spell after spell just to give him a more feminine shape and fo course all the appearance of a real cutie. After all, will he, now she, have a happy end? Just watch to find out.

Escafa (formerly Spawnfan) did a character sheet, that explains her manerism. For all who wants to know how exactly it could hapen, that this fairy got him into this situation, please follow this link.

Thanks to Escafa (formerly Spawnfan), who allowed me to make this animation available for the public.

Have fun and feel free to comment what ever you want, except bullshit. ^_~

PS: Sry for possible mistakes in the text, but English isn’t my strongest skill.


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