Last, Tonight playlist:

Just finished one half of the next part of Last, Tonight. I liked the way the concept clip came out so I’ve decided to break down each episode into smaller parts and have one song for each part.
In the last episode Beth finds out that she is not pregnant. Sarah and Kate continued to be intrigued by Melvin and Herbert’s attractive new girlfriends which leads to Sarah confronting Beth. Beth tells Sarah that she is with Herbert because he is a great guy. Tiffany tells Melvin that if he buys her some drinks she will make him look extra good. Beth convinces Herbert to buy her a drink. Later Tiffany does a dance for Melvin and kisses him in the bar. Beth gets drunk and try to tell Sarah about the deal and kisses her. Sarah doesn’t believe Beth and leaves the bar. Herbert and Melvin rush the girls out of the bar. And Sarah goes to bed wondering why she hasn’t heard from Bill.
This part features Crazy by K-Ci and JoJo


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