“One Sexy Error” TG Animation Preview

“Set in the future where auto-closets are standard in every household. One husband steps into his when it is corrupted with a virus. He finds out that he’s trapped as the auto-closet thinks he’s his wife. Even worse: it has the technology to make that true.”

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve been back here. Some of you thought I stopped doing this, but I’ve actually been hard at work over the last few months. You might be wondering why I’m back and what this is. I’m going to start uploading animation trailers to DA and YouTube as a way to draw in new subscribers. These trailers will only be the first minute or two of an animation, so the vast majority of each animation will still be subscriber only.

You can watch the complete version of this animation, by signing up for only $5 dollars a month. http://www.sapphirefoxx.com/

That subscription will also get you 30 comics pages a month (one new page every single day!) and three new animations every month. A subscription will also give you access to the library of premium content on SapphireFoxx.com – which as of this posting stands at 105 comic pages and 9 animations.

If these trailers help fuel new subscriptions, I won’t just post new ones here for upcoming animations, but I might also post trailers for the existing animations that I’ve done in the last few months.

I’m sorry if you don’t have a credit card to pay, but please don’t beg me to make everything for free. I do this for a living these days, and I would lose a ton of subscribers if I ever started releasing work for free. If you think this system is unfair, would you go to Nintendo and demand every game they make to be free? Would you walk into a book store and ask if you could take a few books for free? Would you walk into a restaurant and ask for a big steak for free? Of course you wouldn’t, so why do you think I’m an exception?

In addition to paying the day-to-day bills, the subscribers are also helping to expand on what I’m able to create. I recently purchased a professional drawing tablet, and I’m even starting to look for an artist or two to hire. I hope to have more information on that soon! =D

Voice Actors:
Mel Heflin as SARAA
Lady Astralis as Rachel
Logan Frost as Ray

Ending Music:
“Anger is Logical”
By: SapphireFoxx


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