Part-Time Fame Halloween Special “The Time We Swapped Bodies”

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Part-Time Fame Halloween Special: “The Time We Swapped Bodies”

The roommates attempt a seance to kick off Mavis’ psychic business but things go horribly wrong.

Produced by Jennifer Hall
Written by Haeli Dunstan with Beth Alexandroff, Ryan Bernstein and Aprile Ruha
Story by Haeli Dunstan
Directed by Aprile Ruha

Cast of Part-Time Fame:

Cliff – Levi Austin Morris
Mavis – Bethany Koulias
Missie – Sascha Vanderslik
Pat – Romel De Silva
Zen – Matt Jennings

Giselle – Knight Davison

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“Part-Time Fame” is a SAG-AFTRA New Media project.

Category: Body Swap, Others, Videos

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