Random Transformations 77

Hello hello everyone, welcome to the god damn longest running transformation series on youtube, a title no one will congratulate me in the real world…

First off I would like to thank a fellow youtuber named “Sheam5523” kindly offered to help me in making this RT video, by editing the images to what you see in the video 😀
So thank you very much for doing this, its a task I really don’t enjoy at all, but he seemed to like it, so i’ll be contacting you with the next video details…

But I would like to apologize for my absence this week, I was contacted the week I was going to make this video and had to leave due to work commitments for the job I’m hoping to get, its just taking a long long time to get through all the stages of the application…
If anything develops i’ll be sure to let you all know..

Other than that guys, i’m still working through a number of things, like the scripting and editing of two of my abridged series I have going, and a back log of comic dubs I still need to finish, so don’t be mad if you see more of other things being uploaded instead of transformation videos, as you can tell, I’m enjoying doing other videos. You have my word that I want stop making RT videos, not until RT 100, its just I want to do other things….

Other than that, thanks for your comments, likes, subscribing and everything you do!
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Thextra89 http://Thextra89.deviantart.com/gallery/



1st Those Eyes by Missing From Society


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