RoboCop The Series 1×09 – Faces of Eve

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Due to time constraints/quality issues, I’ll be uploading the full eps on MegaUpload and only posting -10 min previews.

A new OCP beauty product dubbed Eve (with the ability to change someone’s appearance for a matter of hours) is jacked from a testing lab by two of Pudface’s goons who quickly use it to break the baddie out of prison. Setting into motion a plan to eliminate Robo once and for all, Murphy’s son Jimmy is twisted into their plot; RoboCop must save his son and stop Pudface’s plan to infiltrate OCP and destroy it from the inside out.

Shorty and Leo, Pudface’s two goons, make their first appearance here. They show up several times during the show.

Ken Quinn sure shows up a lot. He can be seen at the Murphy residence, driving and shooting, and also in the warehouse when Shorty shows up in disguise and when swinging on the wrecking ball. He’s dubbed in by Richard Eden in the boardroom (“Pudface Morgan, surrender”) and takes the fall.

The cable attaching Murphy to the wrecking ball is very clear. It’s attached at Robo’s wrist, and he isn’t even holding on. An obvious dummy makes an appearance at the end of the sequence as well; the bottom of the feet are hollow save for a couple of wooden blocks.

The open back panel on Robo when he is being repaired is a leftover prop from RoboCop 3. In the film, that piece is removed to reveal his tracking beacon.

The Chairman’s computer terminal is used again, this time exercising option 5, “Cyborg Termination”, shown previously in Zone 5.

The Chairman’s response to Diana’s presence indicates that he has never seen her before. The actual production order of The Series is unknown, only the air dates, which were used for the French and Australian DVD releases (there has been no Region 1 release) so it’s very likely this episode occurs before Officer Missing (1×04).

BTW, why did Robo grab onto the wrecking ball? What reason could he possibly have for such a boneheaded maneuver?

I’ll be uploading the entire series as I find time, have fun and Stay Out Of Trouble.

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