S10E08 – Freaky Friday Morning

Sully and Michelle have been fighting and things may get a little FREAKY…

Executive Producers:
Chris Cheshire
Amanda Douglas

Senior Producers:
Ana Telfer
Julianne Fox
Michelle Askew
Dan Toomey
Pat Duffy
Seth Woodhouse

Ishaan Singh

Associate Director:
Seth Woodhouse

Michelle Askew
Sully Zack

Associate Producers:
Aaron Kurtzman
Carolina Behm
Audrey Neal

Andrew Recker
Angela Chapman
Chris Cheshire
Jillian Ruvalcaba
Julianne Fox
Pat Duffy
Ana Telfer
Jonathan Krone
Chris Vidano
Veronica Marks

Staff Writers:
Susi Basse
Gia King
Eloise Rollins-Fife
Ethan Wilkerson
Reese Dawkins
Carolyn Bradley
Larson Rainier
Tim Breuer
Melanie Hoffman

Key Grip
Jay Leno

Category: Body Swap

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