What I Do
I’m a professional animator with 10 years experience working in the industry, and discovering my TG identity. I am putting my focus on creating TG (Transgender) animation with a positive tone.

Why I Do It
I believe there are many people out there who want to explore their feminine side, be it to fully transition, or to simply find a male/female balance. I want to offer a supportive, safe, artistic space to explore that in.

How You Can Help
Your support will allow me to focus my time on high-quality animated transformation videos. Creating animations is a very time and labor-intensive love. It is my hope to be able to leave my full-time job to create for you full time. To give you an idea of the time and cost that goes into animation, I have included the links below, as I realize many people aren’t aware. I am so grateful to you for considering supporting me, and allowing me to create for you. You are awesome.


“Stay in the Light” by Marcos H Bolaños (
“The City is Mine” by Cyrron (

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Starshift is a channel dedicated to TG (transgender) and TF (various transformation) animations

Starshift Promo | Transform Your World

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