“Stealing From Sis” Chapter 8 -TG Animation

“Things really start to heat up as the date progresses. Mariah finds a way to stop the cursed clothes from having their way with her, but it comes at a cost. Thanks to the dare and a mistake my Mariah, Gary also comes under the sway of the clothes. It doesn’t take long before the clothes start changing Gary, but not in a way you would expect…”

I’ve been hard at work on this part and it has taken quite a few hours to do, but I think this is my new favorite chapter. I know last time I said that there would be eleven parts, but I’ve added a lot more to the story, so now there will be at least twelve chapters.

The one bit of bad news is that I won’t be making the next one for a while. I’m backed up on commissions and I’ll be busy with school for the next five weeks. So please don’t keep asking me when the next one will be out. I felt bad about not being able to do another one for a while, so I made this one extra long.


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