“Stealing From Sis” Chapter 9 -TG Animation

“As Tyler spends more and more time in Mariah’s body, female thoughts and feelings are slowly becoming his. Now that several hours have passed since he turned into Mariah, he’s not just thinking like a woman, but he’s now starting to enjoy these feelings! How much longer can Tyler resist when Gary is looking cuter by the minute?”

Once again, I want to give a huge shout out to the two voice actors:

Mariah’s voice: Mel Heflin :iconmelheflin: http://melheflin.weebly.com/

Gary’s voice: Logan Frost :iconHyperShilvic0190: https://www.youtube.com/user/RanmaFanDub

Here is the long awaiting chapter 9 of Stealing From Sis. This is part that everyone has been dying for, Tyler finally gives into his new body’s feelings. Where will things go from there? 😉

One a more serious note, please don’t ask me when the next chapter will come out because I really don’t know. All of my other animations bring in good money, even the non commissions. Stealing From Sis makes next to nothing, so I hate spending 20+ on each chapter when I could be making some good income from other animations (and I could really use the money these days). I’m not canceling Stealing From Sis, I’m just not going to be working on it as frequently.


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