The Gamers: Dorkness Rising

** Update: 04 Apr 17 – Matt Vancil, the writer/director of The Gamers and Journeyquest, would love to tell you the rest of these stories (all happening in the Hopjockey universe), and you can have it now! Check out the Hopjocky Kickstarter here: . The KS ends Sunday, 8 April; stop by, donate if you can and keep boosting the signal! ^_^

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment has successfully funded JourneyQuest Season 3!!!!! Filming is scheduled to begin in April, but there’re still great shorts, shows and content to be had on their Patreon site! Are you a fan of the original movie, “The Gamers”? Want to find out what happened to Newmoon, Rogar, Nimble, Ambrose/Magellan, and Mark the Red?? Zombie Orpheus Entertainment is green-lighting “The Gamers: The Series” now on Patreon!! Check ’em out and help support new/on-going content! More movies, more series, more ZOE!!! ***

** New character adventures await in Gamers: Natural One and Gamers: Humans and Households. Check ’em out here !! **

For those who like Dorkness Rising and want to know more about other Zombie Orpheus productions, check out for up to the minute goings-on and in-depth looks at all things ZOE.^_^

You can experience the world of The Gamers (the HopJockey Universe) in the JourneyQuest RPG ( and the Demon Hunters RPG (!!

*~ From Dead Gentlemen Productions and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, the makers of The Gamers, Demon Hunters and JourneyQuest, comes The Gamers: Dorkness Rising!
Check out all the DG/ZOE movies, web series and projects at…,…, Facebook, and their new (up, but under construction) website !! ~*

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