THE SOMEONE Episode 1 (Official Censored Version)

Watch the full 10 minute uncensored version!

A man (woman?) who can morph his appearance into anyone has finally lost grasp of his own true identity. He is a lost human being until one day he meets another shape­-shifter which changes his life forever.

Written and Directed by Helder Pedro.

This short film, THE SOMEONE delves deeply into the humanity of a normal, human shape-shifter. After changing faces and impersonating others for so long, Jack, the protagonist, has lost track of his own personality. He suffers immense personal agony because he doesn’t remember who he is supposed to be. Jack has lost all ambition and goes through life without any purpose, until he meets another shape-shifter with this same power. Does the new shape-shifter use his power differently than Jack? What will happen next? How will their relationship progress?

Category: Videos

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