The Transformer Ep. 3 “The Date” (part 2)

Previously on the Transformer…Linda, a brilliant but absent-minded, quirky scientist, had brought home an experimental transformation device that could change a person’s appearance to look like another person. Her co-worker Mitch had come over to warn her about an upcoming audit and to get the device, but accidentally gets stuck as a copy of Linda, wearing her yoga outfit. When he finds out the device isn’t working, he goes to leave to get another prototype from the office, but ends up running into Linda’s date who is just arriving. Now Mitch must pretend to be ‘Linda’ with her date until the real Linda can go get another of the prototypes to turn him back to normal, but unfortunately Linda is the “absent-minded’ type and is easily distracted.

Deborah as Linda
James Ward as Mitch
John Eslick as Bob
Kathleen Bosworth as Linda’s body double
Brilana as Oak

Three Degrees Off Center Productions

Category: RdDrfjames, Videos

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