The Winchester Sisters || SPN: Genderswap

I’ve been obsessing about fem!Winchesters and fem!Castiel (Team Free Will genderswap?) for a while now and I am so happy I finally finished this video :D!! Needless to say I was shamelessly inspired by hundreds of posts on tumblr and most importantly this amazing video by Lisa Barker: The song was simply perfect for this theme and I was looking for something like it for such a long time. Visit her channel btw., she’s awesome!

So who plays who?
Deanna Winchester – Amber Heard
Samantha Winchester – Missy Peregrym
Castielle – Summer Glau [btw. I know, she doesn’t have the blue eyes, but otherwise 😉 – perfect facial expressions, behaviour, ‘oddness’ ]

Opening audio of female version of Dean is a part of SPN GenderSWAP series by Fools Gold Theatre. They are recording the whole season 1, you guys. Amazing!! Check them out:
Music: Love Songs Drug Songs – X Ambassadors
Clips I used:
Supernatural s1-s8, Terminator s1-s2, Rookie Blue s1-s5, 3 Days to Kill, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, And Soon the Darkness, Drive Angry, Hidden Palms s1, Machete Kills, Paranoia, Stick It, Syrup, The Walking Dead s4, The Ward, The Joneses, Cybergeddon, Lost and Delirious, Serenity, Orphan, The Informers

Category: Others, Short Movie

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