Vishnupuran – Episode 17

Watch Vishnupuran Episode 17 – With English Subtitles.

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Episode 17: Lord Brahma holds a Swayamvara ceremony for Goddess Lakshmi to choose her husband. She chooses Lord Shri Vishnu. The churning of the ocean continues and the amrita emerges and is promptly stolen by Swarbhanu. Lord Shri Vishnu appears as Mohini, a beautiful woman, and dazzles the danavas into inviting the devas to watch them drink the amrita. She gives it to the devas first, however, and there is none left for the danavas. Swarbhanu disguises himself as a deva and receives some amrita, but Lord Shri Vishnu then cuts off his head.

Produced By – B.R. Chopra, Ravi Chopra
Directed By – B.R. Chopra, Ravi Chopra
Cinematography – Dharam Chopra
Written by – Ram Govind
Music – Raj Kamal


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