VR Body Swap (Father-Daughter Ep.2)/Overprotective Dad Ruins Date w/ Dog Shock Collar on Valentine’s

In the last episode of Father-Daughter Body Swap, Ty met his girlfriend’s overprotective dad for the very first time before they went out on a Valentine’s Day date. Boy did overprotective dad put his daughter and her boyfriend through the wringer! Twenty minutes into the date, dad decided to use virtual reality to body swap with his daughter to see what was going on. When he realized the boyfriend had only one thing on his mind, overprotective dad sabotaged their Valentine’s Day date!

In this episode of Father-Daughter Body Swap, Ty (who shows up with a Hello Kitty Valentine’s Day stuffed animal) is surprised that his girlfriend’s father is allowing him out on another date with his daughter. He learns that this is only because overprotective dad is making him wear a dog shock collar until they come back, which is controlled by dad’s cell phone, to modify his behaviour. Ty also learns that overprotective dad spiked his drink in order to keep his hormones in check, but not before dad gives him a book on the fine art of self-love.

When 45 minutes has passed and Ty and his girlfriend are not back yet, overprotective dad decides to do another virtual reality body swap. Once in his daughter’s body, he zaps Ty with her phone and asks what his intentions are. Daughter in dad’s body shows up and tells her dad to leave her boyfriend alone because she loves him.

In her dad’s body, she tries to kiss her boyfriend but Ty rejects her and then storms off declaring them too crazy for him.

Written, Directed, Edited and Produced by James Hergott.

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