Previously on the Wand of Change: Eric wanted to spy on his girlfriend Tina, so he used a magic wand to transform himself in to an exact copy Kim, Tina’s best friend, so that he could go to a party and see if she was cheating on him with a guy name Brad. To Eric’s dismay he discovers that getting drunk in Kim’s body can lead to some very unpleasant surprises in the morning. And worse, when he goes to change back to his normal self finds that the Wand is gone, but there is a note from his now Ex-girlfriend Tina explaining how she now has the Wand and is not to pleased that Eric was using it to spy on her. Now Eric must reach Kim’s place before Tina does and find a way to get the Wand back so that he can return to his normal body! (Now with new music)

RdDrfJames Three Degrees Off Center Productions

Wand of Change part 3 (Re-release)

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