When Magic Tricks Go Wrong (E4 2009)

A look at the strange world of magicians and when their tricks go wrong.

Barry Jones and Stuart MacLeod host this show with magic tricks that didn’t quite go to plan in the funny way, the cringing way, but also the tragic way. Anyone who says that magic isn’t real or is too dangerous to try, apart from the simple card trick, are right! Examples of tricks that appeared included the disappearing box, tricks involving fire, water, kids, jumping, and the tragic being buried alive trick.

File name: When.Magic.Tricks.Go.Wrong.avi
Source: Unknown (most likely Analogue TV)
File size: 429.80 MB
Audio: 121 kb/s mpga Stereo 48Khz
Video: 640 x 352 XviD 25fps
Duration: 0:47:35

Category: TV Serial

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