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Yam Hain Hum – यम हैं हम – Episode 260 – 15th December, 2015

Yamraj seeks Narad’s help to get the magical mask back from Baldev but Baldev finds out about Yamraj’s plan and Narad’s efforts go in vain. Meanwhile, somebody stole the magical mask and wants to use it for evil purposes. What will happen next? Can Yamraj retrieve the mask? To know, watch the full episode.

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Yam Hain Hum a story of Yamraj who descends on earth to rectify his image. Yamraj, one day comes to know that people on earth do not have a good perception about him since he is known to take away human lif ise and is the god of departed spirits. Hence, with the due permission of his wife Dhumorna, he along with Chitragupta come to earth to let people know about his duties.Once Yamraj comes to earth, he realizes that humans are all delusional and thus decides to enlighten them to lead a life of virtues. He stays on earth to tell people that life is beautiful and should not be wasted away in vices.Every time he decides to go back, he sees more and more people struggling in life with day to day issues and stays back to show them the path of righteousness. Enjoy and stay connected with us!!

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